Cables :
  Self-supporting Optical Cable



  • When the terrain is unsuitable for underground cabling
  • Where permanent underground cabling cannot be satisfactorily established
  • Where short term provision for growth is necessitated
  • Where additional circuits are required on aerial routes which are heavily loaded

Cable Core : 2-144Core

Cable structure

Loose tube (2-12Core)
SZ stranding
Jelly field

Shield : LAP, LAPSP


Item 8Core 12Core 24Core 36Core 48Core 144Core
Diameter 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 15mm 20mm
Weight 380kg/km 380kg/km 380kg/km 380kg/km 630kg/km 680kg/km
Max. pulling load 250kg 250kg 250kg 250kg 300kg 450kg
Min. bending radius 240mm 240mm 240mm 240mm 300mm 430mm
Max. tensile load 100kg 100kg 100kg 100kg 100kg 100kg
Standard length 2000m 2000m 2000m 2000m 2000m 2000m


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