Auto Recloser :
  SF6 Gas Insulated Vacuum Recloser

Application and Characterstics

  • The SF6 Gas Insulated Vacuum Recloser is electronically controlled circuit breaker that is installed on distribution line and provides reliable and economical over current protection for distribution lines rated 15kV through 25.8kV

  • It is designed for three phase automatic and manual and tested in accordance with ANSI C37.60.

  • It's control based microprocessor is designed for substation protection and automation

  • The operating panel on the control box offers as follows :
    Power programming features on the front panel.
    User-friendly operating sections.

Rated voltage (kV) 15 36
Rated current (A) 630
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 40 60
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) 110 150
Rated short-time current (kA, RMS) 10/12.5
Rated short circuit making current (kA,peak) 25/31.5
Minimum operation current (A) Phase 10~630A (Step : 5A)
Ground 10~630A (Step : 5A)
Inrush restraint miltiplier Magnetic Actuator
Mechanical endurance (times) 5000/10000
Full load operation (times) 200/400
Rated control voltage (DC V) DC 24V
Rated gas pressure (kgf / . G) 0.35
Weight (kg) 150 160
Applied standards ANSI C 37.60/KEPCO std.

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