Gas Load Break Switch :
  Pole Mounted SF6 Gas Insulated Load Break Switch

Application and Characteristics

  • The pole mounted SF6-Gas insulated Load Break Switch is designed to meet the increasing requirement of the electric utility industry, providing a safe, low maintenance, long life, economical alternative device to perform load switching on overhead electrical distribution feeders.

  • It is designed to be crossarm mounted on pole and is applicable to 15kV, 25.8kV, 38kV overhead distribution line

  • The switch offers the following features :
    Maintenance free / Light weight and easy installation / Measuring line voltage and current Safety features (Low pressure interlocking / Membrane disk / Safety locking device)

Rated voltage (kV) 15 25.8 36
Rated current (A) 400/630
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 50 60 70
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) 110 150 170
Rated short-time current (kA, RMS) 12.5/20
Rated interrupting capacity (tumes) 630A/200/400 CO
Rated active load interrupting current (A) 630
Rated short circuit making current (kA,peak) 32.5/52-5 times
mechanical endurance (times) 5000
Rated control voltage (AC V/DC V) 220/24
Rated gas pressure (kgf / .G) 0.35
weight (Manual / Automatic) 130/180 130/190 140/200
Applied standards IEC 60265-1/KEPCO std.

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